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BG Sams U.S. Army Health Clinic – Introduces a new model of Patient Centered System of Health

INSPIRATION – How healthcare should be

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a new model of healthcare being adopted across Military Healthcare and by leading civilian healthcare systems. Each patient partners with a team of healthcare providers – physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, pharmacists, and others – to develop a comprehensive, personal healthcare plan. That healthcare team works with each patient over time to take care of health issues as they arise, ensure delivery of prevention screening and services, manage chronic conditions, and promote a spirit of health, wellness and trust. At its heart, the Patient Centered Medical Home is healthcare the way it should be – easy to access, patient-centered, team based and quality focused.


Patient Centered Medical Homes increase access to primary care, expand the definition of healthcare quality and reinvigorate our commitment to customer service.


In the Patient Centered Medical Home, the healthcare team develops a comprehensive care plan as soon as the patient enrolls and then proactively engages the patient as a partner in care. This focus on comprehensive, proactive care, team communication, and coordination of care advances our commitment to patient safety and healthcare quality.


The Patient Centered Medical Home is committed to a higher level of customer service. That higher level of customer service starts with same day service, giving you access to care when you need it.


The face-to face encounter builds trust, improves communication, and lays the groundwork for providing continuous care by your personal healthcare team. In addition, both patients and the healthcare team can take advantage of telephone and web-based communication to follow-up on health issues and concerns, share and update information, and coordinate care delivery.

A COMMON EXPERIENCE OF CARE – From location to location

Military Families are unique. Every few years we uproot, move to an unfamiliar location, make new ties, and learn how to navigate a new healthcare system. Army Medical Homes are designed to deliver a common experience of care that makes navigation of our healthcare system easier and more consistent as you move with the Army.

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