Health Services

Medical Readiness


  • Classes for unit representatives

  • Frequency: As required

  • Schedule at 263-4128

PHAs (Camp Zama)

Please see MEDDAC-J Medical Readiness Help Sheet

 PHAs (Okinawa)

Complete part 1 online:
To schedule part 2, contact the VIPRR clinic at 1-844-863-3236 (VMEDCEN) Option #1, then Option #1
DSN 312-429-1125
Retirement/ETS Physical
IF you plan on filing a VA claim only one separation/retirement/VA physical is needed.  You must also have OVER 90 DAYS REMAINING by the time your VA appointment is scheduled.  If so, then:
  1. Service Member (SM) conducts physical through Veteran Affairs. Overseas Japan VA can be contacted at
  2.  If SM gets physical through the VA, SM should message PCM 30 days prior to separation or departure for the provider to review/verify physical is complete and no changes to health history have occurred since the VA physical.
IF you have LESS THAN 90 DAYS or ARE NOT planning on filing a VA claim:
  1. The SM is required to conduct their Retirement/ETS physical with their PCM. (Soldiers are recommended to contact the Veteran Affairs as well to make sure they have all their paperwork in order).
  2. Call the clinic at 262-4175 to Schedule your Separation/Retirement Physical Exam
  3. If you have any questions about the process please call 263-4175
FORMS (Must be completed and printed out before examination)
  1. DD FORM 2807-1 
  1. Vision - Call 262-4175 to Schedule an Appointment
  2. Dental -  Call 263-4603 to Schedule an Appointment
  3. Audiology - Walk-in M,T,W,F 0800-1110 and 1300-1600. Th- 0800-1100
  4. Laboratory Testing - Referred by PCM as needed.
  1. Urinalysis - Order placed by Medical Readiness
  2. Provider will order additional testing based on evidence based/USPSTF Guidelines
  2. If physical has been completed more than 6 months prior to release from active duty, discharge, retirement, or leave; a DA 3081 will need to be completed and attached to the original DD 2808. AR 40-501, 8-14- (4)

Other Readiness Courses

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care:
    • Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Combat Lifesaver Course (TCCC-CLS)
    • Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Medical Personnel (TCCC-MP)
    • Frequency: Every other month
    • Schedule at DSN: 315-263-3375
  • Field Sanitation
    • Frequency: Once a Quarter
    • Schedule at DSN: 315-263-5050
  • Food Handlers Course
    • Frequency: As required
    • Schedule at DSN: 315-263-8504
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